Virgie Claxton

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Virgie  Claxton Hill Country Landscape
Hill Country Landscape, c. 1930s
oil on canvas
18 x 20.5 in
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Virgie  Claxton Floral Still Life
Floral Still Life, c. 1930s
oil on board
20.5 x 17.5 in
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Virgie  Claxton

Virgie Claxton

Virgie Claxton Description


Virgie Claxton - Texas artist, born July 20, 1879 in Gatesville, Texas. Studied under the American artists: Grant Wood of Iowa City, Iowa, and Emil Bristram of Taos, New Mexico, and the European artists: José Arpa of Seville, Spain, and Andre Lohte of Paris, France. She was a member of the Southern States Art League, on whose circuit her pictures have traveled for the past ten years, the Texas Fine Arts Associateion, the Houston Artists Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts - Houston. Appeared in the Who's Who of American Women Painters in 1935. Has held one man shows of her paintings in Houston, Galveston, San Antonio, and Fort Worth, Texas, and in Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Washington, and Iowa City, Iowa, as well as Taos, New Mexico. During 1932 studied and painted in Spain, Morocco, France, and on the island of Malloren.

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