Henry H. Schoenfeldt

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Henry H. Schoenfeldt Daugherty House
Daugherty House, 1983
oil on canvas panel
15 x 20 in
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Henry H. Schoenfeldt

Henry H. Schoenfeldt

Henry H. Schoenfeldt Description

Henry Hudson Schoenfeldt (1913-1996)

Painter, graphic artist, sculptor, commercial artist. 

Schoenfeldt was born and reared in Dallas where he graduated from high school before becoming a commercial artist employed by the Dallas Power and Light Company. He served in the 112th Calvary Regiment, a Texas National Guard unit that saw active service in New Guinea and the Philippines during Wold War II. Schoenfeldt moved from Dallas to Alpine in 1971. He died in Fort Stockton hospital and was buried in Alpine. 


Annual Allied Arts Exhibition, Dallas 

1941: Morning Coffee, drawing

1943: Loretta, sculpture

1944: Early Morning Chores, lithograph

1948: Front Dock, oil painting; Between Shows, lithograph; Tough Jobs, lithograph

1950: Ranch Hand, oil painting; Young Girl, mahogany sculpture

Texas General Exhibition 

1944: Young Girl, mahogany sculpture

Southwestern Exhibition of Prints and Drawings

1949: Between Shows, lithograph

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