Valton Tyler

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Valton  Tyler Untitled
oil on canvas
10.25 x 10.25 in
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Valton  Tyler

Valton Tyler

Valton Tyler Description

Valton Tyler (b. 1944)

Born:  March 30, 1944, Texas City, Texas
Education:  Self taught

1971 Completion of the first fifty plates. SMU scheduled his first one man show for February, 1972. In June, Valley House Gallery, Dallas, held a one man show.

1970 Through his older brother, Valton met Donald Vogel, who introduced his work to Laurence Scholder and Dr. William Jordan, making it possible for him to work with the facilities of the Department of Printmaking at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Prior to 1970 Valton had never worked with the printmaking techniques. It was in March of this year that he worked and completed his first plates and pulled the first etchings.

1967 Received the G.E.D. (General Education Diploma). For six months he attended the Dallas Art Institute in Dallas; however, he took very little interest in the school's program as the emphasis was on commercial art.

1964-67 Worked part-time with hand-embossing and layouts for an engraving company; acquired experience in working with blueprinting machines.

1961 Attended Crozier Technical High School

1959 Family moved to Tyler, Texas where he attended high school

Print Exhibitions:
2009 Art + Advocacy, auction for Dallas Children's Advocacy Center, Three Three Three First Avenue, Dallas, Texas
2005 O'Kane Gallery, (one person show) University of Houston, Houston, Texas
1975 Valley House Gallery (one person show), Dallas, Texas
1974 Oklahoma Art Center (one person show), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1974 Blaffer Gallery (one person show), University of Houston, Houston, Texas
1974 Charles B. Goddard Center (one person show), Ardmore, Oklahoma
1973 Philbrook (one person show), Tulsa, Oklahoma
1973 Cokesbury's Book Store (one person show), Dallas, Texas
1973 Allegheny College (one person show), Meadville, Pennsylvania
1973 San Antonio Art League (one person show), Belgian Pavillion
1972 Tyler Museum of Art (one person show), Tyler, Texas
1972 New Talent in Printmaking 1972, Associated American Artists (group show), New York, New York
1972 Pollock Galleries (one person show), Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
1971 Valley House Gallery (one person show), Dallas, Texas
1971 Gimpel-Weitzenhoffer Gallery (group show), New York City, New York

Painting Exhibitions:
2011 Dallas Art Fair, Fashion Industry Gallery, Dallas, Texas (Valley House Gallery)
2010 Valton Tyler and Miguel Zapata: Beauty and Power, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, Texas
2010 Channeling Other Worlds: Contrasting paintings, drawings, and prints by Dallas artist Valton Tyler with Tribal Works from around the World, a collaborative exhibition between Valley House Gallery and Shango Galleries, Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Dallas, Texas
2009 Wish! Auction, Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, Dallas, Texas
2009 Thank You Fort Worth: An Appreciation from Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Group Exhibition, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, Texas
2008 College Art Association's 96th Annual Conference, Adam's Mark Hotel, Dallas, Texas
2007 CADD Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas Inaugural Art Fair, Three Three Three First Avenue, Dallas, Texas (Valley House Gallery)
2005 Valley House Exhibition, Masur Museum, Monroe, Louisiana
2005 Introductions, Valley House Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2004 Art Chicago, art fair, Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois (Valley House Gallery)
2004 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Valley House Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2002 Valton Tyler: Exuberant Color, Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York, New York
2002 Other Sights: Renzo Barchi, Lynn Randolph, Valton Tyler, O'Kane Gallery, University of Houston, Downtown, Houston, Texas
2002 Beyond the Apple & Bottle: Still Life Invitational, Valley House Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2001 Folk Fest, Art Fair, Atlanta, GA. (Valley House Gallery)
2001 One Person Show, Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York, New York
2001 Hands Across the Sea, Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York, New York
2001 Outsider Art Fair 2001, Puck Building, New York (Phyllis Kind Gallery)
2000 The Art Show, art fair, ADAA, 7th Regiment Armory, New York (Valley House Gallery)
2000 Valton Tyler Visionary Landscapes, The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, one person show, curated by Murray Smither, Dallas, Texas

1989 One of four winners of the Gift of Art competition sponsored by Patrick Media Group of Dallas; billboards will be on display for 1 year around Dallas; $500 prize; jurors: James Chefchis, Pamela Nelson, and Gail Sachson.
1988 Art of the Metroplex, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, 2nd place, Mr. and Mrs. F. Howard Walsh award, $500 prize

Public Collections
Allegheny College
American Airlines, Admirals Club, Dallas, Texas
Associated American Artists
Chas. B Goddard Center, Ardmore, Oklahoma
Lomas & Nettleton, Dallas, Texas
Museum of Arts and Science, Daytona Beach, Florida
Philbrook Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Oklahoma Art Center
San Antonio Art League, San Antonio, Texas
Seay Biomedical Building, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
Tyler Museum of Art, Tyler, Texas
University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida

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