Robert Meyers

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Robert  Meyers The Night Train Fiddler
The Night Train Fiddler, 2016
mixed media on board
24.5 x 46 in
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Robert  Meyers Bottom of the Rainbow
Bottom of the Rainbow, 2016
mixed media on board
59.25 x 39 in
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Robert  Meyers Voyage from Somewhere to Nowhere
Voyage from Somewhere to Nowhere, 2017
mixed media on board
58 x 24 in
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Robert  Meyers

Robert Meyers

Robert Meyers Description

Robert E. Meyers (b. 1943)

In 1943, artist Robert E. Meyers was born in Houston, Texas, but spent his childhood in Los Angeles, CA where art was an important part of his life.  In 1959, his family moved back to Houston, and he attended Jack Yates Senior High School, where his interest in art continued to develop under an art teacher who introduced him to watercolor, tempera and oil painting, in addition to knowledge of art history.

In reflecting on this time in high school, Meyers states:

The study of art was exciting to me. It was like being introduced to a new world. I knew then that I wanted to become an artist. The school district had a very good art program. We entered our works in the art show such as Foley’s Easter shows and other shows. I remember in 11th grade my work was entered in the Foley’s show where I won seven gold keys and three honorable mentions at the same time.  In the 12th grade I only had three gold keys, also one of my paintings appeared in The Houston Post’s magazine; it was the head of Christ. I also received a letter from the mayor congratulating me for being an outstanding student in art. I won a scholarship to art and craft in California. I did not attend because I could not afford the room and boarding fee... 

After graduating from Yates High School in 1962, Meyers attended Texas Southern University, where his art flourished, studying under Dr. John T. Biggers and Mr. Carroll Simms. There, he had the opportunity to learn more about drawing, composition, technique, sculpture, ceramics and painting. During college, he worked at night and attended classes in the daytime. Upon graduating in 1970, Meyers began a thirty-five year career with Texas International Airlines (which later became Continental Airlines, and now United Airlines).  In 2005, Meyers retired from the airline and has been dedicating himself to his art.  At this juncture, Meyers “decided to get serious about being an artist and now creates works day and night.”  From having been out of the art world for so long, Meyers considers himself as “the unknown artist, mainly because [his] work is unknown.”

Several of Meyer’s student works completed during his time at Texas Southern University are published in the 1978 book Black Art in Houston by John Biggers, Carroll Simms, and John Edward Weems published by Texas A&M University Press.  Today, he continues to reside in Houston and frequently participates at group and alumni exhibitions at Texas Southern University, never forgetting those great teachers from his past who guided and shaped his passion for art.


Biographical and Career Highlights

• 1943             Born in Houston, TX

• 1962             Graduated from Jack Yates Senior High School, Houston, TX

• 1964-70        Studied at Texas Southern University, B.A. in Art Education, studying under Dr. John T. Biggers and Carroll Simms

• 1970             Graduated from Texas Southern University with B.A. in Art Education

• 1970-2005    Worked at Texas International Airlines (later Continental Airlines)

• 2005             Retired from airline to pursue his dream of being an artist

• Currently resides in Houston, TX 


Selected Exhibitions

• 2017-18        Homecoming: The 8th Biannual Art Alumni Exhibition, The University Museum, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX.

• 2017             On My Journey: The Legacy of John Biggers, curated by Sally Reynolds, Arts Brookfield, Houston, TX

• 2015-16        Homecoming: The Seventh Biennial Art Alumni Exhibition, The University Museum, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX

• 2015             The 18th Citywide African American Artists Exhibition, curated by Dr. Sarah A. Trotty, The University Museum, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX

• 2014             Circle of Six: Selected Works by TSU Alumni, a group exhibition, The University Museum, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX

• 2013             Homecoming: The Sixth Biennial Art Alumni Exhibition, The University Museum, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX.


Selected Public Collections

• Texas Southern University, Houston, TX




The Unknown Artist

I am not one to talk about my artwork. But I will say this, art is from the soul of most men and women who create wonderful and beautiful works of art. No matter what goes on in the world, art manages to survive. In describing my work as an artist, I tried to separate myself from other artists with the use of design, color, and technique. I just thank God, and hope that someday I can have a one-man show.


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