David McManaway

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David  McManaway
The White Knight's Horse, c. 1966
mixed media assemblage
75 x 20 x 56 in
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David  McManaway

David McManaway

David McManaway Description

DAVID McMANAWAY (1927-2010)

Chicago native, David McManaway studied at University of Arkansas.  He received a fellowship from the National Endowment of the Arts and the Engelhard Award from the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA.  He has an identifiable and unique style all his own; McManaway abandoned two-dimensional paintings in favor of creating his unique reliefs and assemblages made of found objects.  

His contemporaries comment that he had a boisterous personality and keen sense of humor; but at times could have a downright grouchy demeanor, which may have held at times socially.  However, he had a keen awareness of the world and was very well read; he was a major Texas artist and had a big influence on others.  

McManaway discovered a film called Juke Girl in which there was a scene of a man selling little wears in small bags affixed to an easel; he called the goods in the bags Jomo.  Hence the birth of what he started calling Jomo which were little slices of life, be it a toy animal or an animal skull.  Sometimes he would just create one small piece of Jomo as a piece of art.  He also created larger pieces he called Jomo Boards, this item is one of the largest Jomo Boards he created.  

He has had several solo exhibitions for his innovative works at the following: Dallas Museum of Art, Southern Methodist University Gallery and the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX.  His works can be found in the following permanent collections: Menil Collection, Houston; Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Nasher Museum, Dallas and at the Dallas Museum of Art.

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