Franz Strahalm

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Franz  Strahalm Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets
Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets, c.1935
oil on canvas board
12 x 16.5 in
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Franz  Strahalm

Franz Strahalm

Franz Strahalm Description

FRANZ STRAHALM (1879 - 1935)

Franz Strahalm was born in Vienna, Austria.  Strahalm moved to Mexico City in 1909 and then to Texas in 1911. Briefly in San Antonio and Houston, then permanently in Dallas.

Franz specialized in landscapes, painting many local scenes in Dallas. He also did figure, portrait and mural work and used oil, water color and tempera and painted creditable bluebonnet canvases. He exhibited successfully at the Royal Academy at Vienna; Paris before coming to America in 1911; New York at the Anderson Gallery Exhibit: Independent Artists Exhibit at the Waldorf-Astoria; also in Boston, Houston, San Antonio, Austin & Dallas.

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