Harold Phenix

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Harold  Phenix Barber_s Hill
Barber's Hill, 1987
22.5 x 30 in
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Harold  Phenix Boat Scene
Boat Scene, 1980
15.25 x 22 in
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Harold  Phenix Lovett Hall_ Rice University
Lovett Hall, Rice University, 1983
19 x 27.5 in
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Harold  Phenix Rysco Yard_ Rockport_ TX
Rysco Yard, Rockport, TX, 1984
10.75 x 15.25 in
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Harold  Phenix South Jetty Lighthouse
South Jetty Lighthouse, 1980
22.25 x 30.5 in
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Harold  Phenix Tent City_ Humble TX
Tent City, Humble TX, 1982
15 x 20.75 in
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Harold  Phenix Texas A_M University_ Administration Building
Texas A&M University, Administration Building, 1983
16.5 x 27.5 in
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Harold  Phenix Victoria
Victoria, 1981
15.25 x 22 in
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Harold  Phenix

Harold Phenix

Harold Phenix Description

HAROLD PHENIX (1928-2009)

Harold Phenix was born in 1928 in Houston. Interested in art from an early age, Phenix pursued his passion at the University of Texas earning a degree in architectural engineering and remained in Houston after graduation maintaining a dual career as an engineer and artist. He was a notable artist-in-residence for Conoco, Inc. known for his expert designs of offshore platforms as well as his spectacular paintings of the oil industry.

In addition to his stellar reputation at Conoco, Inc. Phenix was also a lifelong friend and protégé of E.M. “Buck” Shiwetz, who was the first to encourage Phenix to find his own way as an artist. Following Shiwetz’s advice, Phenix excelled in painting, creating his unique impressionistic style with a brilliant mastery of subject matter, color and design. Exploring everything from landscapes and cityscapes to lighthouses and airplanes, Phenix truly demonstrated his mastery over subject matter.

Phenix’s flexibility with his subject matters led him to travel extensively through Texas exploring the diverse landscape. His regional paintings depicted serene seascapes, crowded harbors and beaches, fields of vibrant spring flowers and busy city streets. Painting quaint towns and bustling city centers, Phenix captured the uniqueness of Texas life. As one of the state’s most prominent watercolorists, Phenix had over seventy five exhibitions throughout his career, twenty of which were one man shows. From individual shows to artistic workshops and lectures, Phenix truly made his mark on the Texas art scene.

Selected Biographical and Career Highlights

  • 1928, Born in Houston, Texas
  • 1939 – 43, Museum of Fine Arts School, Houston, Texas
  • 1947 – 50, studied art and architecture, University of Houston, Houston, Texas
  • 1953, B.S. in Architectural Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
  • 1953 – 80, Studied with/under tutelage of artists E.M. "Buck" Schiwetz, Thurman Hewitt, David Parsons, Edgar B. Whitney, Robert E. Wood and Charles Schorre.
  • 1977, work featured on the cover of Offshore Magazine, in conjunction with the 1977 Offshore Technology Conference.
  • 1979, works featured in Texas Gulf Coast, Interpretations by Nine Artists, Texas A&M University Press.
  • Design Engineer, ConocoPhillips, Houston, Texas
  • 1984-1985, Artist-in-Residence, ConocoPhillips, Houston, Texas
  • 1986, twelve works commissioned by Santa Fe Energy for executive offices and limited edition calendar
  • 1991, Commission to paint a series of watercolors for Texas A&M University's Petroleum Engineering Department, College Station, Texas
  • 1991, twelve paintings featured in Lighthouses of Texas, Texas A&M University Press; paintings in permanent collection of Texas Maritime Museum
  • 2009, Dies in Hunt, Texas

Selected Exhibitions

  • 1974-85, represented by Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, Texas
  • 2008, Buck and the Kid, Nave Museum, Victoria, Texas
  • 2010, Harold Phenix: Landscapes, Lighthouses and Longhorns, Texas Maritime Museum, Houston, Texas

Selected Public Collections

  • ConocoPhillips
  • Greater Houston Partnership
  • Santa Fe Energy
  • Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
  • Texas Maritime Museum
  • Texas Instruments, Tenneco, Inc.
  • Martech International, Inc.
  • Petroleum Directorate of Norway

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