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Commercial Design Projects – Great Ways to Approach them

Commercial interior design is all about creating spaces that enhance the customer experience. It involves construction, renovation and designing public areas in order to make employees more engaged with their work while also improving profitability for companies who participate on these projects 

Most designers have their own way of approaching a project but ten important ones include:

Project Type – In order to make sure you’re hitting all the right marks, it’s important that your commercial project be tailored for its intended use. In particular: what type of space am I designing? How will people interact with this area – office workers going about their daily tasks or customers dining at restaurants while they wait out

Theme / Concept – The hospitality industry is all about creating an experience for your customers that they will never forget. This means each business has its own unique identity, and you need to design around this central idea so as not just see what’s being built but also how it can best serve those who come through the door!

Functionality – Functionality is an important factor to consider when designing any space. Commercial spaces need functionality so their customers can easily find what they’re looking for and be satisfied with the purchase, but it’s not just about retail businesses; restaurants or office buildings also have wide customer bases that benefit from enhanced design features like this!

Safety – In general, commercial spaces are located in high-population density areas which means they have a large customer base. The safety of the building is important to these businesses because it’s their livelihood on display for public consumption – if there were any problems with security then who knows what people would do?

A lot can happen when you’re not paying attention!

Brand – The goal of any brand is to make itself stand out from its competition. Spaces and experiences should be designed with this in mind, as well- understanding the company’s ethos will help you design something that fits cohesively into it!

Budget – It is wise to have a clear budget in mind before beginning any project. This will ensure that the work stays within your estimated numbers and reduces costs or revisions on later stages of development

“Budgets are one-way businesses that optimize spending while staying within target budgets.”

Schedule – We understand that every project has its own unique needs and requirements. Some jobs may need more time than others, depending on the business owner’s schedule; however, it is important to keep in mind what will work best for your specific job or assignment as well!

Simplicity – Simplicity in design is aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient for both time, budget or any diversions on the project. Simplicity also reduces side tracking by simplifying one’s approach which will lead them down a more clear path of understanding what needs to be done next with less confusion as well increased creativity when it comes back around again later during production stages.

Authenticity – Authenticity is a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced professional who can help you find your true self. Authentic people are confident, caring and compassionate towards others which creates spaces that respect individuals’ individuality – no two clients will ever experience this space quite alike!

Efficiency – The question of how to make a space-efficient space is an important one, because it can help companies save money. Answering this requires taking into account what type and size office or retail area you’re looking for as well as your budget constraints; but even if they are different from each other there will still likely be some solution that works out perfectly!

The design process for commercial spaces should be approached with a variety of considerations. The first and most important factor is the type of project at hand: if you’re looking to create an interior that will act as both office space, retail store or restaurant; these specific requirements dictate what materials are needed in order to maximize utilization efficiency while minimizing costs associated with construction – e.g., builder grade versus high quality finishes like marble countertops rather than desk surfaces made from cheap particle board panels.

As each designer approaches their own unique way through this stage. In any event, there are several fundamental points about how they think about designing commercial interiors which need consideration when architecting out new ideas.

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The best health insurance plans in Thailand are available right now. Which one is the best for me?

What kind of insurance do you need in Thailand? What is the best insurance company here? These are questions that can pop into your head once you’ve been living and working in the Kingdom for a while.

Naturally, we all want to be safe and secure and insurance is indeed one way to achieve this goal. Motorbike insurance, work insurance, health insurance: they’re all important and if you haven’t signed up for something yet now might be the time to do so! Here’s our list of what we think are the top three insurance companies right now (in no special order).

1. AIA เอชดี – insurance in Thailand

This insurance company is based in Thailand and it’s been around for a long time now. They offer insurance for work, motorbike insurance, travel, life insurance, and even small business insurance. Their plans are specifically designed to meet the Thai market conditions and needs therefore you can be sure that they’re good enough for your everyday use. A quick look at their website will show you that all plans include 24/7 road assistance as well as free legal counseling service so if something goes wrong you won’t have to do much but contact them! In fact, the only real downside here is probably the price which might be too steep for some people who just can’t afford it. On the other hand, they do have insurance for motorbikes which is way more affordable!

2. AXA อเมซิ่ง – insurance in Thailand

AXA insurance is a French insurance company with a huge network of insurance companies all over the world and this includes Thailand too. They focus on life insurance but they also sell health insurance, motorbike insurance, and even insurance for business owners. Again they’re one of those big names that you see everywhere so there’s no way they can be bad right? Well apart from the price again there aren’t many negative things to say about them since their plans sell pretty fast and seem to be very popular among Thaiinsurance hunters.

3. MSH insurance มาสเตอร์ ไอเอ – insurance in Thailand

MSH insurance is probably the least famous on this list but if you take a closer look at their insurance plans it becomes pretty clear why they’ve made it here. They offer insurance for work, motorbike insurance, health insurance, and even travel insurance therefore they’re among your best choices indeed. Their website is also available in several languages including English which might be exactly what some ex-pats need when looking for insurance! Apart from that, there’s not much else to say about them except maybe one thing: prices are more than affordable! And that means that insurance in Thailand isn’t only for rich people after all!

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about insurance in Thailand, insurance companies there, and insurance plans offered by these companies it’s time to get your insurance sorted. Yes, insurance may seem like a pain but it’s actually not at all when you get used to it! In fact, if you’re looking for motorbike insurance in Thailand then make sure not to miss our article about the best motorbike insurance plan of 2017 available right now! You’ll surely learn a thing or two from it! And don’t forget: buying insurance is indeed a great way of protecting yourself and your loved ones no matter how small or big they are! Happy hunting everyone and enjoy Thailand just as much as we do!

Our insurance hunting team has spent a lot of time researching and analyzing various insurance plans in Thailand so that people like you would have the benefit of everything we’ve learned during this process! We’re talking about motorbike insurance, work insurance, health insurance just to name a few – there are plenty of different insurances available but not all insurance plans are created equal! And that’s why we’ve decided to share our insurance expertise with you! If you’re looking for insurance in Thailand then check out our article about insurance companies in Thailand. That way you can get insurance easily without spending too much time on it and money, obviously. 😀

Please take good note of this message: the insurance hunting team has no connection whatsoever to any insurance company mentioned in this post so please don’t contact us if you have any complaints about them or whatever else insurance-related since we won’t be able to help at all. Contacting us will not speed up your claims processing nor will it get you a refund faster either – basically contacting us won’t do anything at all so there’s no reason to do it.

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Moisturizer Benefits For Men

Moisturizer Benefits For Men

Moisturizing is very important for dry skin and those who moisturize can benefit from it. It provides water to your skin and makes it appear smoother and younger. The benefits from moisturizing for men can vary from selecting the appropriate soap to moisturizing on a daily basis. Some of the selected methods are:

ountain scrub

The scrubbing and scrubbing is done in the shower and the soap provides a better experience and a better bathing experience. The length of time for the scrubbing depends on the type of skin of the user. Normally it can be from a few seconds to few hours such as for those who have oily skin.

sea salt scrub

This is similar to a sea salt scrub. The salt is immersed in water and then scrubbed with the use of loofah or body scrub brush. This method is for dry, rough or mature skin. For those with dry, tough, or unmanageable skin, a salt scrub should suit.

Regular bath

This is done to get rid of the dirt from the skin. The liquid should be allowed to soak into the skin for a few seconds and then the scrub should be rinsed off.

intensive scrub

In this method, the emulsion is made up of ground-up material like alive sandal wood powder and bicarbonate of soda. This is used to remove the dead skin cells. The material is made up of salt of copper and milk of Magnesia. The pH value of the solution is kept as low as possible to beat the bacteria and fungi present on the skin. This method is recommended for skin which has acne, pimples or inflammations.

ring hair removal

ring hair removal is usually suitable for men who have to shave every day. The required equipment is a hand held wand which has a nail on it. The applied material is the tip of the wand. A clock works it to tell the user about how long the treatment should be kept on the skin. The user should avoid inner wear straps after getting the treatment.

You should find out whether your skin type is dry, oily, normal or sensitive. In case your skin is sensitive, you may take oral antibiotics to prevent an infection.

Professional hair removal:

Professional hair removal can be done in a salon or at home. There are certain tricky aspects related to professional hair removal and you need to strategies to get it done right. The involved procedures and techniques are very expensive and you may end up losing your money.

Sleep or stayaway from the area:

Avoid the area as much as possible or it will be worse. The longest you can allow it is for 15 minutes.

Use a mild shampoo:

A really good cost effective treatment is to use a shampoo specifically meant for waxing. The moreYears the hair follicle has been exposed to the shampoo the less harsh the effects.

Don’t trim the hair:

trimming is good but don’t do it too much. The hair is usually in a growing stage. Trimming more often causes the hair to break and split and that is something you don’t want.

Use effects that are gentle when waxing:

Waxing may be uncomfortable but if you really want to get rid of the hair, make sure you use the least effectful method that will leave the hair looking like a cater’s nest.

Find a partner:

Find a partner is always the best Solution. This can require finding a salon which will do the treatment and supply you with referrals. Also find a therapist whom you can trust completely.


Make sure you do some market research before you decide to get a wax. imbalance is the main reason for every person’s skin to look awful andokedOut of proportion body parts)

Get a general ideaript of what you are looking for from the internet.

Ask around:

Find a local spa to discuss your problem. The local spa staff will be able to give you more advice on which area is more suitable for you. You can also learn much from other sites on rated hair removal treatments that have good information about offers available.

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Fighting Fat

Fighting Fat in a War Zone

You have been placed in a dangerous war zone. Your mission it is to protect the dam and so you will win. You can succeed where another of your kind has failed. This is a story of one young man’s journey to help fight the fat. He was the guest of the famous cable network show, The Jumping Jacks.

BF: This is a great title. Tell us how you came to be in this war zone.

ropy: Well, I was placed in this war zone when I was just a small kid. We all used to ride around in cars, tractors and sitting in chairs. God, we were so small, someone must have put a gun to our heads when we were younger; but probably everyone was so different then.

In 10th grade my dad got a job with the U.S. Mail Service. It was a small company, but well run. I didn’t know anyone there, but I remember working 12 hours a day. At the time, we had a mail room and several others were in it. I unquestionably grew to be an overnight mail room Patch. Me being one of the albeit larger ones, was given the overnight shift in the evening. You know what? I have never really been a mail room swaps since.

My mom put me on a diet in 9th grade. I didn’t like it, but I tried it anyway. It was a terrible diet. I only ate meat and eggs, which were the worst things to eat. Actually bacon and eggs for breakfast, lunch and supper. Hoodia Goldoni was the only new thing in it. Well, it did work. A bunch of us went to travel in the old luggage containers given as free shipping mate gist. Yes, free shipping was amazingly cheap. We packed ourselves to go on there in experiments. No more than 5 pounds each and we had almost run out of money by the time we got there.

We were put on a post exercise/recovery protocol for 90 days. Yes, that is right “or 8½ weeks. The medicine is name was meridian. It worked like magic. Nobody thought to ask why all of a sudden my weight had started to go down. I wore down the shipping container probably.

Sadly, I’m probably the only one who knew about it. I was the only one that got “real” in this war on fats. It was caught in time and made all the difference.

Did you see the doctor who treated me? He looked like a pioneer. The FLASH drainage system of my body was something amazing. I can tell you right now the very next person to touch my parents will die.” Full exposure to chemicals, toxins and too- elevated temperature effects vary from person to person. No different than fat cells.

So, I was very lucky to get this unusual benefit but guess what? If you don’t get your weight under control and take the appropriate steps, it is a sure shot you will gain it all back. Could we say failure is easier and more rewards await those that are willing to HOWER walking programs?

Yes indeed, the body is your temple. You can run into things that my old knees can’t handle and swing me around by my knees like an circus calf. But, then there is strict regulation of weight. It is our loss of equilibrium. I’m not trying to be mean but it is easier to get into shape than to gain it. It is becoming more and more understood that you have to develop a diet tar lawyer ship focused on nutrition.

No magic pill or special tea will make you lose 5 lbs in 5 days without taking away some form of nutrition that your body is relying on. So, how do you obtain this weight control?

You’ve got to waste time. Time to skip meals. Yes, you read right. Skip meals, because you’re never going back. I’ve heard this a million times that’s not a real lesson. It’s so easy to rearrange and mix properly together. The best time to go grocery shopping is when you have just had a meal. You got to stick to your guns on this one.

Most of my clients skip meals and eat poorly which results in slowing their metabolism, their appetite, making time to shop, to go and prepare meals, to make grocery list and to get around the house. Then their weight loss program starts to slide.

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Weight Loss

Fat Burning Foods – How to Choose the Right One

People often search for lists of fat burning foods. There is really no need to spend lots of time on the internet, in fact there are many things you can do to help yourself to reach that goal:

  1. Eat fruit twice a day

It’s amazing how many types of fruit you can fit into your diet. You did not have them during your third or fourth year of life. But they are worth getting as a new-ish food from the land of the living. Eat a cantaloupe for breakfast and a grapefruit for lunch.

Your body will thank you as it has a low fat and high fibre content and it contains lots of minerals and vitamins which make it a fantastic provider of vital nutrients. If it’s the middle of winter, Christmas and you need to eat like a lad, just keep frozen grapes in the fridge for the emergency chocolate run. Remember also that dried fruit contains much fewer calories than the fresh version.

  1. Fill up on vegetables

Vegetables are already part of our meals. No need to pile them on – just eat them. They are low in fats and calories and are extremely good for the general wellbeing. The problem is that we seem to eat too much food based on the starchy vegetables such as potato, tater and baked potato. These are higher in calories and fat than other vegetables. Avoid high starch vegetables if you are trying to lose weight. Start the day with a small salad which is full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

  1. Add good fats

Not all fats are bad. There are some fats that are called essential fats which actually help your body. These are monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. We need them in small quantities. The most important of these is omega-6 fats which is found in canola oil, peanuts, sunflower oil and potatoes.

There are two kinds of polyunsaturated fats which are Omega 3 (which you get in fish) and Omega 6 (which you get in corn). They are important and necessary for the brain growth in children and for pregnant women. For weight loss you should replace saturated fats with the polyunsaturated ones. You can readily get these fats in fish and you can also get them in potato, avocados and flax seed.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

No pain, no gain! Except in your efforts to lose weight, when you are exerting your body and it’s in pain anyway. Exercise does not have to be stressful. Instead of killing yourself by doing exercises you hate, go and play squash, tennis or go swimming. You should make exercise enjoyable so that you will continue doing it regularly, even if it’s not for losing weight. Listen to music or re-listening to some old hit records to help you make exercise enjoyable.

  1. Be Consistent

You did not put the weight on over night. Therefore do not expect to shed them off overnight also. All that’s possible is if you have a permanent lifestyle change. When you make this kind of lifestyle change, you will be able to enjoy exercising and losing weight.

  1. Get attractive

If it’s a choice between becoming slim and attractive or slim and unattractive, your one of course going to go for the unattractive choice. You go for this because you want to make yourself unattractive and unattractive. Therefore make sure you look good every single day. You will also boost your confidence and self-image when you look good.

  1. Exercise for longer

The longer you do exercises, the more calories and fats you burn. It’s a fact. This is why the more you exercise the more you lose. If you do shorter workouts, you may burn fats but it’s possible that you’ll get bored because you do not get attractive results. You will not be able to stick to your weight loss plan.

  1. Listening to your body

The last tip for improving your weight loss plan as a woman is to listen to your body. You need to be able to tell if your exercise techniques are working and if your diet has

improvements. Correct? Don’t give up! Use all these tips into your weight loss plan as a woman and you will be more likely to succeed.

Top 7 diamond engagement ring styles you need to know

Getting engaged to your partner is considered to be the most special moment. There are many preparations which needs to be done for the big day.The most important and highlighting part of the engagement ceremony is the engagement ring. Usually, men get confused with the choice of their partner.Women love diamonds. There are countless reasons for why women prefer diamond rings. There are various engagement ring styles that can get your head messed up.

Today, we will discuss about the top 7 diamond engagement ring styles you need to know.

Top 7 diamond engagement ring styles you need to know

There are several types of engagement ring styles. Many people like small and less sparkly diamond. While, some people prefer a big and shiny diamond ring.

It is all about personal choice and respective taste in jewelry. A lot of people do not know the trendiest diamond engagement ring styles.

Therefore, some of the top 7 diamond engagement ring styles that you need to know are mentioned below.


The cathedral styled diamond engagement ring is traditional and classy. This style is popular since the old age. The cathedral style ring is pointed and edges look like the arches of the cathedral. You can add diamond of your choice. It can be either sparkly or just plain diamond.

Oval halo

The oval halo style engagement ring is also popular among a lot of people. It is an ideal shape to maximize the size of your engagement ring. It is because the oval shape looks more elongated and bigger too. The oval halo ring gives off classic and vintage vibes.


The swirl shaped engagement ring is new and stylish. It has some curves that can make your engagement ring look beautiful. The swirl shaped engagement ring adds more feminine look. The swirl ring is known to join two halves. Hence, if you are looking for something meaningful, swirl can be your choice.


The acrostic engagement ring became famous in the 19th century. This ring requires to add different gems around the middle-placed diamond. This can be expensive but looks perfect for someone you love.

Vintage art deco

The vintage art deco style engagement ring is ideal for someone who loves old school vibes. It has old type of geometrical cutting. Thereby, if you want to gift your other half something vintage that helps to bring some memories back. Then vintage art deco ring is best for it.

Bezel engagement ring

The bezel engagement ring is the most precise ring style. The diamond is placed in between around the metal. There is lower risk for the diamond to get damaged or fall off.

Double diamond style

The other most famous engagement ring style is double ring style. The two diamonds represent you and your partner stick together forever. The double diamond ring is famous due to the influencers as well.


The above-specified points explain the top 7 diamond engagement ring styles you need to know.

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