Getting engaged to your partner is considered to be the most special moment. There are many preparations which needs to be done for the big day.The most important and highlighting part of the engagement ceremony is the engagement ring. Usually, men get confused with the choice of their partner.Women love diamonds. There are countless reasons for why women prefer diamond rings. There are various engagement ring styles that can get your head messed up.

Today, we will discuss about the top 7 diamond engagement ring styles you need to know.

Top 7 diamond engagement ring styles you need to know

There are several types of engagement ring styles. Many people like small and less sparkly diamond. While, some people prefer a big and shiny diamond ring.

It is all about personal choice and respective taste in jewelry. A lot of people do not know the trendiest diamond engagement ring styles.

Therefore, some of the top 7 diamond engagement ring styles that you need to know are mentioned below.


The cathedral styled diamond engagement ring is traditional and classy. This style is popular since the old age. The cathedral style ring is pointed and edges look like the arches of the cathedral. You can add diamond of your choice. It can be either sparkly or just plain diamond.

Oval halo

The oval halo style engagement ring is also popular among a lot of people. It is an ideal shape to maximize the size of your engagement ring. It is because the oval shape looks more elongated and bigger too. The oval halo ring gives off classic and vintage vibes.


The swirl shaped engagement ring is new and stylish. It has some curves that can make your engagement ring look beautiful. The swirl shaped engagement ring adds more feminine look. The swirl ring is known to join two halves. Hence, if you are looking for something meaningful, swirl can be your choice.


The acrostic engagement ring became famous in the 19th century. This ring requires to add different gems around the middle-placed diamond. This can be expensive but looks perfect for someone you love.

Vintage art deco

The vintage art deco style engagement ring is ideal for someone who loves old school vibes. It has old type of geometrical cutting. Thereby, if you want to gift your other half something vintage that helps to bring some memories back. Then vintage art deco ring is best for it.

Bezel engagement ring

The bezel engagement ring is the most precise ring style. The diamond is placed in between around the metal. There is lower risk for the diamond to get damaged or fall off.

Double diamond style

The other most famous engagement ring style is double ring style. The two diamonds represent you and your partner stick together forever. The double diamond ring is famous due to the influencers as well.


The above-specified points explain the top 7 diamond engagement ring styles you need to know.